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The purpose of R 2 H Secure Living, CDC is to create opportunities for individuals and families to secure their living through education, support, and mentoring. R 2 H Secure Living, CDC was birthed out the need of individuals and families struggling in a perpetual cycle of insecure living. They are unable to maintain gainful employment, children experiencing academic and behavior issues related to the uncertainty of having a place to call home. Although many programs are available to purchase the barriers occur when individuals don’t develop mentally, emotionally and domestically to transition from a state of perpetual transition to growing into the stages of renting to owning.

R 2 H Secure Living, CDC understands that providing assistance, in a consistent place where individuals and families are safe to share struggles, barriers and are committed to receive information, and guidance is vital to their success in the program and for their life goals. The long term effects break the cycles for their children and the generations following them.

Board Of Directors


Renard Johnson

President & CEO

Executive Director

Destiny (Willis) Jones

LaTahsa Earvin

Program Administrator

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Eric Whitby


Latrice Hampton


Kristina Donaldson


Jeremiah White


Destiny Jones


Rhonda Vasic


Decarto Draper


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